Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some surfing in Ventura

Picture 1: Sean riding a big wave
After tackling El Capitain, we allowed ourselves a few days off climbing and went to Ventura to visit Patagonia and enjoy the surf.  Here are some pictures of our trip.
The people from Patagonia were really nice and they did a good job introducing us to surfing.

Picture 2: Nico encounters a new friend.

Picture 3: One of the girls working for Patagonia

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New free route on El cap - The secret passage

That's it! The eagle has landed! In a five day free mission on El capitan, we put up a new free route on its right side. It starts off on "Eagles way" and finishes on "bad to the bone" (two aid lines). We found a secret passage to a section we thought to be impossible : an allmost invisble  laser-cut seam barely provided enough holds to bypass the blank section.   

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bringing the jamming to a new level.

Our band has recently made a big step, commercializing on a broader scale. The success has reaped  its fruits and demand has been overwhelming. From exclusive concerts high up on El Cap to wedding ceremonies.  We've been struggling to find time to climb...

Congratulations to Jon  and Eiko and thanks for a beautiful day.

In search of the Eagles way.

We just spent four days on El Capitan looking for the Eagle. We know where he is but we haven't caught it yet. The eye of the eagle is the key. 
We've been working on trying to free the eagle...  
This is a line just to the right of Zodiac following a steep left leaning dihedral... we're going to need a lot of Belgian fries to power up for this one...