Sunday, June 29, 2008

First day at school

That's it! We just climbed! After about a week of abstinence, touching smooth granite feels like an least for Sean. After some bouldering we got right into the business in hard thin overhanging cracks. Just the good spanking we needed! But we will be back for more. Squamish granite really is exceptional!  

The road to Squamish

We found a ride from San Francisco to Squamish with Toby. Unfortunately after  a 15 hours non stop drive Toby wasn't allowed over the Canadian border because his relaxed attitude didn't satisfy the customs officer... A real bummer for Toby but it probably didn't take him very long to find other climbing options... and for us that's where the adventure started... 5 am we started hitchhiking  towards Vancouver with all our gear! 
As soon as we arrived is Squamish we were so exhausted we decided to go for a short nap but it turned out longer than expected... damn! Still no climbing... tomorrow is going to be a big day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

San Francisco jamming

We've just arrived in San Francisco, we bought some important supplies... which will assure the success of our trip... we found a lift to Squamish (Canada) and were just about to start our 20h drive... No more farting around now! Where's that rock?