Sunday, August 10, 2008


It was snowing hard as we approached the summit, digging and swimming through deep snow and rock. We'd just climbed the Becky-Chouinard route with Chilean Juan. He's been up here in the Bugaboos for weeks now and is almost a local.  "Look at me, I'm an Alpinist" I shout down at Nico. We're obviously a lot more confident on the mixed grounds of snow-ice and rock than we used to be. 
"Alright guys lets take a victory picture!" Nico screamed through the wind. The three of us gathered up and hugged  on the summit of South-Howser, while Nico held the camera as far away as possible to take the picture. Suddenly bzzzzzz....Just as he was about the press the button, we heard some thunder rumbling in the distance and we started to feel electricity in the air. Sean having the longest beard could feel it the most... like trillions of bees going through his beard... "We need to get down fast!" There was so much snow up there we couldn't find the rappel stations... We were running all over the summit like chickens without heads digging in the snow. Quickly we threw in some nuts and started to abseil down. Luckily from there on we found the rappel stations...and as we started lowering we knew our chances of getting hit by lightening were diminishing. Needless to say we were happy to be alive when we hit the glacier.  A fine adventure and great fun with Juan! Unfortunately we didn't get that victory picture....

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