Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cobra crack secret

You've probably heard the "big" news: Nico climbed the famous "Cobra crack"!!!! But what people don't know are our secret training regimes. These next few lines are world exclusive, for our blog fans only! In fact, Nico's secret training consists of eating a diet of exclusive "frites" or Belgian fries...(sorry frenchies but it's not French). Being abroad it's been very hard to find all the right ingredients  and cooking tools (no friteuse here), so Nico had to improvise, but it worked out well in the end. The frites were the perfect antidote against the cobra bites! 
Sean on the other hand, didn't eat as many "frites" and choose a different training regime consisting of lifting heavy granite boulders above his head.... it appeared not to be as efficient. Thank you Mr Lemens (only Belgian specialists will understand).

More exciting exclusive news to follow soon! 
And thanks to our fans for all the support!

1 comment:

ArNo said...

Congratulations for "Cobra Crack" !!
Belgian fries ?? French fries !! ;o)